Label: False Idols, EU, 2020. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

IN1995 Tricky Kid wandered into a dark maze and found the album “Maxinquaye” there, which conquered many. The new album “Fall to pieces” is very reminiscent of the same album from ’95. The same dark corridors and tunnels through which you are guided by female vocals and ghostly reflections of a cello.

Trip-Hop’s father is going through hard times in his life. But what is the difference between a creative person and an average person? The creative person uses trials as a springboard to elevate their spirit and refine their skills.

Tricky Fall to Pieces vinyl

The album is great! Tricky himself became the dark labyrinth. Melancholy and hopelessness. When immersing yourself in such abandoned worlds, it is very important to maintain good spirits and believe that after the next turn to nowhere, the exit light will flash. Cheer up, Tricky!

For those who want to taste a bit of universal sadness, 2 drops under the tongue or 3 at the withers. Do not overdo it, winter is over!

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